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We were registered with the Department of Trade and Industry in March 2002 as KAIGAN Multi-Technologies and Services handling the supply and installation of safety equipment, mechanical, electrical, auxiliary systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

In July 27, 2007 we registered the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as TRITECH MACROSYSTEMS, INC. (Tritech) with Registration Number CS200727567. The main business line of the new company is providing seamless solutions to electrical and mechanical requirements such as HVAC systems, split-type and multi-split air-conditioning systems, fire alarm system and fire protection and suppression system, FM-200, foam system, restaurant fire suppression system, plumbing, industrial induction motors, surge protection, variable frequency drives/frequency inverters, time switch, lightning protection, structured cabling for voice & data, PABX, building communications & automation, CCTV, clock system and PA/BGM Systems in the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Our comprehensive approach to designing and implementing structures for electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications systems has allowed us to earn the confidence of well-respected clients even in our novice stage yet with solid individual expertise and background.

In the early part of the year 2008, we started to capture the promising market involving electro-mechanical services, supply of equipments, installations, and maintenance that humbly started from the households going to commercial and industrial institutions. Our constant dedication to hone and upgrade our skills and services is brought about by our commitment to serve. Our clients constitute the core and motivation for our excellence. We derive our products through importation and from local exclusive principals, that make us very competitive in costing without setting aside quality.

Tritech is now upgrading its Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and its entire Fire Protection System engineered and designed to meet our clients urgent needs.

Engineered Systems will cover on:
1. Automatic Sprinkler Systems
a. Wet Type Sprinkler System
b. Dry Type Sprinkler System
c. Kitchen Sprinkler Systems

2. Clean Agent Systems
a. CO2 Fire Protection Systems
b. FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems
c. Nitrogen Fire Protection Systems

3. Chemical, Oil and Fuel Fire Protection Systems
a. Foam Systems
b. Deluge Pre-action Systems

4. Hydrant Systems, and

5. Fire Extinguishers